'un peu de l'ordinaire'

23 March 2022

Bellmans' March Interiors auctions include specialist sales in European glass & ceramics, watches, jewellery and silver. The fine home interiors sales also feature furniture, garden statuary, carpets and works of art. This month bring something particularly 'un peu de l'ordinaire' in Bellmans' works of art auction.

Lot 658 | A French Papier-Mâché 'Growler' Pull Along Bull Dog. Estimate £300 - £500 (plus BP).

We can't help but be strangely fascinated by this endearing, late 19th Century, French Papier-mâché 'Growler' pull along bull dog. On wooden rollers with glass eyes, nodding head and articulated jaw, the bulldog also barks when the chain is pulled, which back in the 1800's would have seemed particularly hi-tech. The bulldog also features the classic animal hair collar as a nod back to it's former 'working dog' roots.

The first 'Growler' dogs originated in France in the 1880's and following the ban on blood sports the breed was seemingly 'redundant' with many exported to England from France. Subsequent selective breeding reduced the breed's size and softened their temperament, leading to a rise in their popularity in both France and England and in particular in 'high society'. If you couldn't afford the dog itself then owning a 'Growler' bulldog was the next best thing!

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