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Modern & Antique Carpets and Textiles

The Bellmans' Antique Carpet & Textiles Department holds monthly sales in our Sussex salesroom as part of the Interiors Auctions and Valuations, and they include modern and antique carpets and rugs, 18th and 19th-century samplers and all types of textiles from lace to linen, bonnets to booties.

Recent highlights under the hammer include a Persian Kashan Mohtasham carpet, which was sold for £10,500 and a quantity of antique lace trimmings dating from the 17th-19th century, including a Flemish flounce (circa 1700) and a Brussels bobbin lace coat of arms of Charles Edward Stuart (late 18th century), recently realised £800.

The Textiles Department preserves the delicate intricacies of times gone by and covers centuries of textiles and sewing related items. Our carpet specialists at Sussex and London cover Persian and Oriental carpets in particular but sell rugs and carpets of all kinds, from antique to modern.

We offer free valuations take place every Tuesday and Thursday in our Sussex Saleroom. Our London office in South Kensington is currently open for valuations by appointment. Please contact our London office to arrange a schedule.

We also organise 'pop-up' valuation days across the country.

Preliminary estimates can be provided via email, and we are delighted to arrange home visits. Valuations are complimentary and are conveniently available online.

Just get in touch with your contact details, and we can assist you further.


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Department Specialists

Buying, selling or growing a collection? We are here to help!

Growing in popularity in recent years, our team at Bellmans recognised a rise in demand for high-quality antique carpets, textiles, furniture and soft furnishings. Beautiful to look at and full of history, our expert department in Sussex and London is here to help whether you're a collector looking to expand their collection or an antique dealer looking to sell a beloved piece.


Vintage textiles excite and delight collectors with their high-quality craftmanship, history and beauty. There is no limit to how many textiles you can collect, as every single piece is unique with its own story and charm; the varied types of textiles available make the search all the more gratifying once you find that perfect piece for your collection.

We are one of the few surviving houses in the UK to specialise in textile auctions and valuations, working with a variety of antique textiles, including but not limited to:

  • Antique costumes and accessories of varying style, colour and date
  • Fabrics
  • Quilts
  • Fine linens
  • Hand made lace
  • Traditional needlework tools
  • Decorative hangings
  • Oriental robes
  • Tapestries


Antique carpets have been a collector's item for hundreds of years. From Henry VIII to Freud, many significant historical figures have been avid collectors of the antique rug.

Our carpet specialists mainly deal in intricate and distinct antique rugs and carpets, particularly oriental rugs. With their origins in Islamic and Muslim countries, these iconic pieces were exported to other parts of the world in the late Middle Ages.

The weaving of carpets is an ancient tradition in Islamic societies and is found in both large city factories and rural communities. Rugs were woven by loom using warps stretched between wooden beams, with silk, cotton or wool passed in alternation over and under.

The weaver will then incorporate looped ‘knots’, which are routinely clipped to make the pile. Although this technique is still used worldwide today (even in modern carpets), how a rug is weaved can tell us a lot about where it comes from and its age.

Collectors of oriental rugs tend to look for balance and harmony in their design. If it's well-spaced and provides a pleasing rhythm, it's likely to be more attractive to buyers. Detail and intricacy are a must when selling oriental or Persian antique carpets.

If you are looking to sell your Persian carpet at our auctions and valuations, please get in touch with us through our London or Sussex office.

Modern Rugs and Tapestries

At Bellmans, we specialise in more than just antique carpets and textile auctions and valuations. We also evaluate and work with modern rugs and carpets. We look for fine quality pieces that stand out with charm. If you are looking to make a sale, you can reach out to any of our office in London or Sussex.