We have sold many Roman, British heritage and world coins over the years, with the department’s most prestigious collection including fifty lots of Roman, Spanish, German, American, Georgian and Victorian coins. In this sale, a Roman Empire Arcadius (AD 383-408) gold Solidus was sold for £1,150, and a Hudid of Murcia, temp. Baha' al-dawla (c.639-659h) was sold for £700. Our expert is at hand to offer advice on antique and gold coins every Tuesday and Thursday at the Wisborough Green saleroom.

Specialist Coins auctions are held bi-monthly in our Sussex Saleroom. 

Selling with Bellmans

At Bellmans we guide you through the entire selling process. Following an initial valuation, our team of specialists will arrange every detail, from agreeing estimates to cataloguing your items and marketing them to potential buyers.

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