Clocks & Barometers

Clocks continue to charm, delight and fascinate us. Since prehistoric times, humanity has observed the sky and recorded the passage of time. Instruments to accurately measure the day, were the hi-tech devices of their era, makers adding complications to the basic time measuring enthralled their owners and are now highly prized by collectors and museums alike.  Specialist clock sales are held twice a year, and clocks are also included in the monthly Interiors sales. Our most recent specialist auction saw a French gilt brass engraved cloisonné enamel grande and petite sonnerie carriage clock by Drocourt, dating from circa 1890, sell for £7,800.

Specialist Clocks auctions are held monthly in our Sussex Saleroom and bi-monthly in our Winchester Saleroom, as part of the Clocks, Works of Art & Collectables section of our Interiors series of auctions. Our Sussex Saleroom also hold Fine auctions of clocks and barometers in May and November every year.

Selling with Bellmans

At Bellmans we guide you through the entire selling process. Following an initial valuation, our team of specialists will arrange every detail, from agreeing estimates to cataloguing your items and marketing them to potential buyers.

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