Silver Auctions

Bellmans' Silver Department from Sussex and London sells silver in bi-monthly sales, including high quality silverware and objects of vertu from early antique pieces to modern designs.

Recent highlights include a George I Britannia Standard silver twelve sided tazza, made by Thomas Mason in London 1717, which reached £8,300, while a Theo and Sarah Fabergé silver-gilt and enamel egg, one of 50 made in London in 2006, with a panorama of the Houses of Parliament sold for £5,300 and eleven Christmas boxes by Stuart Devlin made almost £6,000 in total.

Our silver department in London and Sussex has years of experience covering a large range of well-known makers from the sixteenth to twentieth century.

Valuations take place both in our Sussex Saleroom and our London office in Cromwell Place, South Kensington, as well as 'pop-up' valuation days across the country. Preliminary estimates can also be provided via our website and we are delighted to arrange home visits.


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Department Specialists

Stephen Thurlow

Silver, Jewellery, Coins & Medals Specialist & Auctioneer

Auction and Valuation of Antique, Vintage and Contemporary Silver

The use of silver in highly decorative objects has been considered an art form for centuries, and in days gone by many used it to show off their wealth to guests visiting their home. Today, these ostentatious and impressive pieces are still bewitching buyers, inspiring collectors all over the world.

One of the most attractive elements of collecting silver is the sheer variety and scope that it has to offer. From the intricate and ornate to the rustic and simple, silver pieces were not only used as decorative centrepieces but also as a practical material for everyday items.

With this in mind, a collector might choose to focus on a particular household item, such as modern or early spoons or other kitchenware. Many even choose to use these items as they were intended on a regular basis.

Other collectors have a primary interest in silver crafted by a specific maker. From Georg Jensen to Paul de Lamerie and Paul Storr, many collectors marvel in the craftmanship of a particular silversmith. Others may wish to focus on finding only the finest silver of the highest quality, for display purposes only.

Once you've decided on your primary interest, refine your collection by consulting with an expert at Bellmans. Our London and Sussex office are always open to help you shape your concept and find some truly stunning pieces that seamlessly integrate with your collection and intentions.

Hallmarking in Britain

Marking silver items has been practiced in Britain for over 700 years and are an indicator of a professional standard of silver quality - reassuring the potential buyer that the metal is of the highest standard. The assay office, maker, and date are identified by these hallmarks.

As with any collecting area, certain makers can command a higher price, and so there are many areas of collecting silver objects that can generate some surprising results at sale.

The manufacturing of silver plated materials was introduced in the 18th and 19th centuries as materials and technologies advanced. Silver plate has always been more affordable, but early examples of Sheffield Plate, or those by principal makers or designers, can still be highly desirable at auction and valuation.

Contact us for expert silver valuations

Whether it's fine silver dinnerware, snuff boxes, jewellery or any other curious piece of antique silver, our specialist sales team in London or Sussex have a history of generating exceptional results.

Keep up to date with any forthcoming auctions and valuations, usually in our Sussex auction house, by regularly checking our website, or contact our Sussex or London office today and we'll be happy to advise you further.