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Bellmans' Coins and Medals Auction Department holds specialist coin auctions and valuations in our Sussex salesroom on a bi-monthly basis as well as orders, decorations and medals.

Among recent highlights have been a comprehensive collection of medals, decorations, badges, letters and photographs for Air Commandant Dame Pauline Giles, Matron-In-Chief of The Princess Mary's R.A.F Nursing Service, which sold recently for £3,400. A collection of fifty lots of Roman, Spanish, German, American, Georgian and Victorian coins sold in a recent sale; one of the top lots was a Roman Empire Arcadius (AD 383-408) gold Solidus selling for £1,150, and a Hudid of Murcia, temp. Baha' al-dawla (c.639-659h) made £700.

Valuations take place in our Sussex Saleroom and London office in Cromwell Place, South Kensington, and 'pop-up' valuation days across the country. Preliminary estimates can be provided via email, and we are delighted to arrange home visits. Valuations are complimentary and are conveniently available online.

Just send us your contact details and a specialist from our London or Sussex office will further assist you.


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Department Specialists

Stephen Thurlow

Silver, Jewellery, Coins & Medals Specialist & Auctioneer

Coin Collecting

Collecting coins is a rewarding and exciting endeavour. A classic collectable with a broad scope, enthusiasts can tailor their collection to suit their interest, whether it's British coins, world banknotes, silver coins or ancient Greek coins.

Coins and tender are fascinating little pieces of history. They have been passed from palm to palm over decades, sometimes centuries. Coinage appeared for the very first time in Ionia around 650 BC. They then spread to mainland Greece and across Europe. Later, Roman coins span over seven centuries of rule and power. It was much later that European countries began using their own coinage.

Their designs can be intricate and highly pleasing, and they come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and materials, making coinage collecting an accessible and enjoyable activity.

Over the years, selling coins has become more fruitful as an investment. Our specialist team will base their valuations on the global demand for that specific coin. Our specialists from London and Sussex have years of experience and detailed knowledge of the global market.

A coin's value is determined mainly by rarity and condition. The scarcer the coin, the more valuable it is. Naturally, older coins tend to be rare; with their history and age, ancient coins are in high demand. However, this isn't always the case; we frequently see rare modern-day coins selling for fantastic sums of money.

A single coin can also be valued by the condition it is in; damage or warping will decrease the value unless the damage is historically significant in some way.

Militaria Auctions & Valuations

Collecting military medals is a fantastic way to explore the history and learn about the roles people played in times gone by. Medals provide a unique glimpse into past events, a lasting tribute to the sacrifices made by those who fought in conflicts worldwide.

Unlike coins, medals do not enter general public circulation, making them generally harder to find. Significantly, each piece is unique as it has been at some point awarded to a specific individual. Medal ribbons, bars, clasps and clasps accompanying medals can help identify the exact recipient when there are various versions of the same medal. This makes the searching and acquiring process all the more exciting, as every piece has its own quirks and nuances.

The value of your medal is based on scarcity, age and condition. For example, medals from certain regiments are more common and tend to be less valuable than medals awarded to the elite British forces. However, sentimental value and a detailed backstory play a considerable role in determining the value of your piece.

For more information, you can contact our Sussex or London office.