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Clocks, Timepieces, & Watches Valuated & Auctioned

Bellmans' Clocks Department holds specialist clock auctions twice a year. Additionally, clocks and pocket watches are included in our monthly Interior auctions and valuations in our Sussex salesroom.

Recent highlights include a silver-mounted ebony bracket clock by Daniel Quare for £25,000, a walnut longcase clock by George Graham for £18,000, a gold cased pocket watch by Breguet for £13,500 and a marine chronometer by John Roger Arnold for £6,400.

Our Clocks Department in London has many years of experience appraising clocks and watches to sell and has a detailed knowledge of the broader global market. Our team in Sussex is headed up by Philip Belcher, who has had a lifelong interest in horology.

Valuations take place both in our Sussex Saleroom and our London office in Cromwell Place, South Kensington, as well as 'pop-up' valuation days across the country. Preliminary estimates can also be provided via email, and we are delighted to arrange home visits.

Just get in touch with your contact details, and our team in Sussex or London will further assist you.


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Department Specialists

Philip Belcher

Senior Executive Director, Auctioneer & Specialist Valuer

Jonathan Hills

Clocks Specialist

Buying, Selling & Collecting Antique Clocks & Watches

Whether you're looking for a buyer for a collection of cherished longcase clocks, mantel clocks, or carriage clocks, or you wish to expand your personal collection of antique watches, our specialist team at Bellmans is here to help.

If you choose Bellmans, our specialists in London will consider several factors in determining the value of your piece; condition, past ownership, age, country, maker and how marketable it currently is.

We offer a varied selection of clocks, ranging from those created at the advent of clockmaking to interesting and unique pieces from the modern-day. Museums and collectors prize antique timepieces from the 16th to 19th centuries, particularly those made in the United States, England, and France. We are particularly interested in high-quality pieces from master makers such as Thomas Tompion, Edward East and Aaron Willard.

However, many lesser-known makers produce fine work, and these can act as a great starting point for collectors.

No matter what kind of clock you have, Bellmans can get the best price for you through our specialist auctions and valuations in Sussex.

The Vast Appeal of Antique Clocks & Clock Auctions

The appeal of a fantastic antique clock could be described as more layered than in many other areas of collecting. Their display is stunning to look at, but their creation is a feat of masterful engineering, which is greatly appreciated by collectors and specialists alike. Clockmaking is a painstaking process involving a tremendous amount of skill, precision, and the use of scientific instruments and a number of materials, many of which are difficult to work with.

An excellent antique clock showcases not only the expertise of the clockmaker but also the skills of the cabinet-maker, polisher, engraver, brass caster and even the painter of the dials. Our team in our London office endeavours to treat every timepiece as it should, as a work of art.

The details of the clock's movement are also of enormous interest to many collectors. The clockwork consists of many intricate parts that complete the clock's inner workings, and each of these pieces should be original and in top condition to maximise collectability.

There is no shortage of clocks and watches globally, making them an especially accessible and collectable item. With so many different types of clocks and watches, such as wall clocks, cuckoo clocks or grandfather clocks, it's easy to find a specific area to focus on.

Many collectors have knowledge of horology, allowing them to appreciate the artistry of whatever pieces they find, and making the search all the more worthwhile when we find you that perfect piece.

For more detailed information, please get in touch with us today and someone from our Sussex or London office will get back to you.