Nicholas Worskett

Printed Books & Manuscripts Specialist

Nicholas has spent over 30 years specialising in Printed Books and Manuscripts and has an outstanding knowledge, depth of experience and passion for his subject which clients will find infectious.

He has a degree in English Literature from Exeter College, Oxford, and worked for 17 years in the book department at Christie’s, where he was Head of department at South Kensington and Senior specialist.

When not hunting through boxes of books, hoping for an exciting discovery, Nicholas enjoys writing: he is currently working on a collection of short stories. In recent months, his perfect form of escapism has been playing piano, reading the entire works of Iris Murdoch and watching The Simpsons.

Career Highlight: Discovering a pristine first edition of Darwin's 'Origin of the Species' hidden behind a row of paperbacks.

Fantasy Discovery: Finding a book signed, or ideally inscribed, by Shakespeare. Only six genuine signatures by Shakespeare are known to exist, and all these are on official documents, so this would be a major discovery!