Carl Jacobs for Kandya, C2 Jason chairs

29 May 2024

The Jason chair was designed by Danish Designer Carl Jacobs and manufactured in the UK by British firm Kandya in the early 1950s

Lot 895: Set of Six 'C2 Jason' plywood stacking chairs £800-1200
Lot 895: Set of Six 'C2 Jason' plywood stacking chairs £800-1200

The lightweight stackable chair was typical of the Danish designers of the period and delivered a simplistic look to everyday furniture. The carefully crafted seat and back of the chair are beautifully formed from a single sheet of 5 ply, flexible, veneered, plywood which wraps around in a jigsaw puzzle type connection, appearing to sit effortlessly on the solid beech wooden legs below.

The chair remained in production until the end of the 60s with metal legs as an option on later versions.

In 1951 three hundred chairs were installed at the South Bank Restaurant during the festival of Britain (V&A)

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