Fabio Caliri

Sale Administrator, IT Support

Fabio Caliri
Winchester Saleroom

Fabio joined Bellmans in June 2017, having pursued and is still pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Fabio started as a composer and producer of electro-orchestral music and gradually branched out into other musical fields. In addition to writing music for media and releasing several solo works he has played in a London band as a lead guitarist and has been part of a performing art choir.

Fabio’s primary role is as a Sale Administrator. In addition to the typical admin tasks he also takes care of photo editing, digital design, social media and any IT-related problems that need attention in the office! He is a master of many tasks as he also operates the online bidding platform on sale dates.

When not at work, Fabio loves to listen to and make music. He also enjoys tinkering with and mastering technology and keeping up to date with the latest innovations in the field.

Wishful find: Any unusual instrument that comes in the building. He finds it fascinating wondering what the history behind it is and who it belonged too. He quotes ‘Did it inspire a lot of incredible music or was it left unused in the back of a cupboard?’.