Denise Kelly

Photography, Travel, Rock, Pop, Entertainment & Ephemera Specialist

Denise Kelly
Sussex Saleroom

Denise joined the Bellmans team in 2012, after a career in the Film Industry working as an International Dubbing Manager for Paramount, Universal and Dreamworks, where she experienced the magic of film and Hollywood. Denise has not only had to explain why Brits eat mushy peas to Lauren Bacall, but kindly let Mickey Rooney use her office to shelter from the rain! Denise’s first job was as a croupier, dealing blackjack to Francis Bacon, who did a little sketch of her on his casino menu - if only she hadn’t lost it!

Today Denise is far less careless – and her creative background provides a wonderful context for the world of ephemera and literature. When not trying to read every book on her bookshelves, Denise loves gardening, interior design, theatre, cinema, and walking her dog.

Most Memorable Moment: the day a client came into Bellmans with a rare set of seventeen photographs taken at the wedding of Edward VIII and Mrs Wallis Simpson in France. The media coverage of their sale was astronomical!

Wishful Find: Denise is waiting patiently for that first edition first print of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to make its way through the Bellmans door...