The Hartshorne Glass Collection - Ceramics & Glass Sale 3rd October 2012

On the 3rd October part II of the Albert Hartshorne glassware collection will be sold at Bellmans Auctioneers, Wisborough Green. The first part of the collection was sold at Bonhams, London in December 2010. Albert Hartshorne born 1839, is recognized for his accomplished collection of English and European glassware and his famous work ‘Old English Glass’ published in 1897. Hartshorne’s book assisted in the classification of bowl and stemware which inspired future generations of glass collectors. The book features glassware from his own collection which he built up throughout his many years of dedication to the subject. Significantly after living most of his life in Derbyshire, Hartshorne moved to Worthing, West Sussex. After Hartshorne’s death in 1910, the collection was inherited by a close antiquarian friend and later resided in the Worthing Museum. The Bellmans Ceramics and Glass sale will also feature another collection of 18th and 19th century drinking glasses. For further details about the collection, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Lot 0012 Lot 0010 And Lot 0013

Lot 12 A dram glass, circa 1740, the funnelbowl raised on a domed foot, 9.5cm high. Est £100 - £150

Lot 10 A set of four dram glasses, circa 1750, each with bell bowl raised on a beaded knop and domed foot, chips to one glass, 10.5cm high,(4). Est £150 - £250

Lot 13 A firing glass, circa 1750, the funnel bowl raised on a solid foot, 9cm high.  Est £80 - £120


Lot 25 A pair of glass Prussian shaped decanters and stoppers, early 19th century, each cut with flutes beneath slice cut shoulders and triple ring necks, with gilt metal labels for `Port` and `Madeira`, 24cm high, (6).  Est £100 - £150