Single Owner Collection of Taxidermy

TaxidermyOur Works of Art & Collectables Sale on the 24th May is to include a large quantity of taxidermy. The collection predominantly comprises of birds and fish. The majority of the sale is from a private collection. Prestigious taxidermists; Cooper and Homer are among the names included within the collection, both celebrated for their ability and craft in preserving and mounting mammals, fish and birds. The sale offers an opportunity both for the experienced and novice collector, with attractive estimates ranging from £80 to £1,500.

The sale will commence at 10am with viewing available prior to the sale.

Among the highlights includes, lot 1714 a late 19th/ early 20th century piece of taxidermy, displaying approximately thirty eight stuffed and mounted exotic birds, arranged in leafy branches issuing from a naturalistic ground. The paper card reads `Birds of Trinidad, collected by the Bishops of Trinidad`. The birds are exhibited in a large glass dome on a circular wooden base, standing at 62cm high. This piece is expected to realise between £1000 - £1500.

Lot 1687, a stuffed and mounted Perch by J Cooper & Sons, with an estimate of £300 - £500. The Perch is set against a naturalistic backdrop in a bowfront glazed case, with both a makers label and another detailed `Perch, caught in Hammer Lake, 1st May 1911`.

Lot 1698, a stuffed and mounted Roach by Homers, is displayed against a naturalistic backdrop in a bowfront glazed case, gilt lettered `Roach 2lbs 21/2 ozs caught at Great Bedwyn, Wilts by John.A. Willis Aug 20, 1949` trade label, 53cm wide, with a sale estimate of £300 - £500.

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