Boer War Records Firing Excitement at Bellmans

Lot 1319 in the Bellmans August auction has been attracting both national and international press interest. Described by Bellmans specialists David Dawson and Denise Kelly as “a fascinating & important record of the First Battalion Rifle Brigade in South Africa”, the lot includes approximately one hundred and fifty images which provide a comprehensive and emotionally charged insight into the lives of servicemen during the Boer War. The images feature soldiers prior to embarkation; in action at Colenso, Spion Kop and the Battle of St. Pieters; advancing on Ladysmith; with Boer prisoners; in a hospital ship interior and a group photo of De Wet with Generals Hamilton & Olivier prior to the peace negotiations of 1902.

After competitive interest on the phone, online and in the room, the lot was sold on 3rd August for £1,400, against an initial estimate of £400-600.

The link below is for an existing press article on this extraordinary lot.  

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