Portrait Miniatures

Executed on vellum, ivory, copper and enamel, portrait miniatures were created as keepsakes, mementoes or gifts that were used to celebrate marriages, commemorate births or to mourn the dead. They were also worn close to the heart - keepsakes of loved ones - both licit and illicit. Whilst the majority of miniatures we see date from the late 18th century onwards, there is always the rare moment of delight for the specialist in being able to discover and offer for sale a work such as the miniature below attributed to Isaac Oliver- dating from the late 16th/early 17th century - the zenith of the limner’s art.

Portrait miniatures are sold monthly at our Sussex Saleroom and bi-monthly at our Winchester Saleroom, as part of the Works of Art & Collectables section of our Interiors series of auctions. 

Selling with Bellmans

At Bellmans we guide you through the entire selling process. Following an initial valuation, our team of specialists will arrange every detail, from agreeing estimates to cataloguing your items and marketing them to potential buyers.

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