Architectural & Salvage

From the time of The Grand Tour it has been fashionable to incorporate decorative objects of architectural interest into domestic settings. In more recent times 'Salvage' has become quite the buzz-word, with unusual objects, often from industrial or commercial origins, being given a new lease of life in city apartments and country houses. Weird and wonderful items from all around the globe can be found in our monthly Interiors sales and Saturday Sales, where attic and barn discoveries are often sold. A 20th century cast iron life sized figure of a standing red deer (pictured below), is the perfect example of the outdoors being brought into and sold in our Interiors sale for £1,200.

Examples of architectural and salvage items are included within our specialist Furniture and Statuary section of the monthly sales in Sussex, and bi-monthly sales in Winchester.

Selling with Bellmans

At Bellmans we guide you through the entire selling process. Following an initial valuation, our team of specialists will arrange every detail, from agreeing estimates to cataloguing your items and marketing them to potential buyers.

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