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Lot 265 - 19 Sep 2018

Winchester September Interiors Auction

A rare Chinese porcelain pagoda figure, Qianlong, modelled seated in green robes, carrying a bowl in one hand, a slipper at his feet, 11.5cm high and a Chinese porcelain figure of a man, carrying a branch of peaches across his shoulders, 26cm high (2). Illustrated

Condition report

Seated Budai - some restoration and chips to right hand and fingers. Some restoration to the alms bowl. Hair crack across beak of right shoulder. Some restoration to green robe below right shoulder. Feint glaze/hair cracks to right side of chest extending to the green robe. Restoration along back of base, approx. 4cm x 0.75cm at deepest point.

Standing Figure - restoration to branch holding peaches. Chip to right thumb. Minor restoration to tip of right little finger. Chips to tips of two fingers on left hand. Chip to end of a peach. Some small chips and nibbles around edge of base.

Estimate £1,000 - £1,500