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Lot 2214 - 05 Dec 2017

December Interiors Sale

A 9ct gold and diamond set seven stone ring, mounted with a row of circular cut diamonds, a gold ring, mounted with an oval cut amethyst, a gold ring, mounted with an oval cabochon moss agate, detailed 9 CT and three further 9ct gold and gem set rings, (6).

Condition report

Diamond seven stone ring: shank has worn a little thin at the back, scratches to metal, signs of wear against other rings. One diamond has two small nicks to the table facet edge. Ring size M. Gross weight 1.7gms.

Amethyst ring: the amethyst is of pale colour saturation, large chip to girdle, facet edges are abraded, table facet scratched. The ring head and shank are possibly a marriage, the metal has scratches relating to age and wear. Would benefit from a clean. Ring size O and a half. Gross weight 3.7gms.

Moss agate ring: the moss agate is slightly loose in its setting, one pair of claws are missing and there is a series of surface reaching inclusions emanating from this point. Discolouration to metal where the ring head meets the shank. Ring size K. Gross weight 3.5gms.

The blue gem set ring has a distorted shank, the central gem is significantly abraded to the facet edges, four colourless gems from the surround are missing. The eternity style ring has several gems missing.

Estimate £100 - £150
Sold For £90